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What is the difference between flower lyophilizers and food lyophilizers?

What is the difference between flower lyophilizers and food lyophilizers?

food lyophilizers 

1, The fruits is loaded into trays irregularly, but flowers must stand up on the trays.

2, The trays of food lyophilizer are flat at the bottom, but the trays of flower lyophilizer have holes for flowers to stand up.   

3,  The shelf spacing distance of food lyophilizer is smaller; but as the flowers are big, so it needs more space to stand up between the shelves.

4, Thermal transfer of food lyophilizer can be contacting way or radiant way, but flowers, the sole way is by radiant. Otherwise, it cannot be dried.

5, The chamber size of food lyophilizer is smaller than flower lyophilizers, just because of the shelf spacing.

6,  how many companies manufacture food lyophilizers? There are dozens of companies manufacture small food lyophilizers, but there are only 2 companies manufacture flower lyophilizer, the first is that their lyophilizer chamber is made of carbon steel with blue painting without heating inside the chamber. The second is KEMOLO high efficiency flower lyophilizer.

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