Lyophilizer Venezuela Freeze Dryer

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Lyophilizer Venezuela

Venezuela industrial lyophilizer to freeze fruits, food, coconut, etc. Freeze-dried products keep longer, the most important thing is that they do not lose nutrients, do not change color or shape, and retain the flavor without adding additives or preservatives, which is healthier.

Analysis of investment in freeze-dried food in Venezuela

The added value of freeze-dried products: freeze-dried medicines > freeze-dried biological products > freeze-dried health products > freeze-dried food. Food is sold at a low price, but it has the largest potential market. These are fast-moving consumer goods. That is why Liofilziador Venezuela with a large development space.

Characteristics of the freeze dryer Venezuela

Lyophilizer Venezuela with the production capacity of a single machine is from 10kg/batch to 2500kg/batch. Large capacity, low power consumption.

Made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, with material inspection certificate.

Lyophilizer Venezuela Complies with FDA regulation CFR21 Part 11. It is necessary if you export freeze-dried foods to the United States.

Most of the components of the Venezuela freeze dryer are approved by CE or ISO9001. Water condenser, oil separator and suction accumulator have pressure vessel certificate and manufacturing license number.

The Venezuela lyophilizer with compressor is Bitzer; The vacuum pump is Leybold; PLC is Siemens; even small components are from top brands, like solenoid valve is Danfoss, AC contactor is Schneider. They are all from world famous brands, all parts are brand new.

The control system of the Venezuela freeze dryer is automatic, and with manual control for its selection before a production batch.

Large capacity freeze dryers come with IQF, rail and cart for quick loading and unloading.

About the post sale of the freeze dryer Venezuela, less than 500kg/lot are complete machines, we have installation videos and operation manual that is very easy to install. Greater than 500kg/lot, we have an engineer who speaks Spanish for the installation.

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