Lyophilizer Costa Rica Freeze Dryer

2022-08-31 14:52:07 kemolo

Lyophilizer Costa Rica

Cosat Roca Produces mainly traditional products such as coffee, bananas and sugar cane. Costa Rica is the second largest banana exporter in the world. Lyophilizer Costa Rica is served for these fruits.

The Costa Rica freeze dryer is CE certified, ISO 9001 certified, FDA certified, EAS certified and ASME certified.

The main steps of lyophilization Costa Rica

1, Clean product 10 min, remove dirt

2, remove product skin 60 minutes, remove the shell

3, Slicing the product 30 min, cut the product into small size,<10mm

4, Product loading 2 min, load product into trays

5, Freeze the product 3h, completely freeze the product

6, Condenser freezing 30 min, to capture the sublimation vapor

7, Chamber vacuum 30 min, to have extremely low pressure

8, Product heating 12-18h, to accelerate sublimation

9, Unloading and thawing 2 min, unloading the finished product

10, Defrost 1-2h, defrost for next batch

11, Packaging 30 min, pack the product

The Costa Rica freeze dryer with the best price and various capacities to satisfy the needs of different customers. Also the voltage of the Costa Rica freeze dryer can be 120V, 60Hz.

Costa Rica freeze dryer chamber is round in shape made of SUS304 stainless steel. The round shape chamber has better pressure resistance. The maximum designed working pressure: -0.1Mpa

Two SUS304 stainless steel door units are assembled at the two ends of the chamber. Welding by thick SUS304 flanges.

The thermal property of SUS304 shelf is 14W/m-K.

The Costa Rica freeze dryer vapor condenser is located at the back of the chamber, away from the shelf to reduce heat loss in the shelf area while also reducing cold loss in the vapor condenser area.

The Costa Rica industrial freeze dryers dry fruits to promote the local economy, not only for the domestic market but also freeze-dried fruits for foreign markets such as those from the United States and Europe.

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