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Large freeze dryer, the best KEMOLO big freeze dryer

largest freeze dryer

KEMOLO is a large-scale freeze dryer manufacturer and one of the most important manufacturers. The processing capacity of each batch is less than 1 ton, which is not a large freeze dryer. How big is the largest freeze dryer in the world? The largest freeze dryer can be customized, as long as it can be transported, it can be manufactured as large as it wants. 

Features of large freeze dryer: 

The large freeze dryer is a split type, that is to say, the freeze dryer chamber and the support unit are separated. The product cooling of the large freeze dryer is also separate from the freeze dryer main chamber. The transportation between the two parts relies on rails and trolleys.

What is the best large freeze dryer?

There are two types of large freeze dryers: one is conductive heat transfer, and the other is radiant heat transfer. The best freeze dryer for biopharma is the conductive type. The best freeze dryer for food is the radiation type. This means that the right is the best.

KEMOLO provides these two types of large freeze dryers, both of which are the best configuration and the most reliable operation, and have established good user feedback all over the world.

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