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2022-06-03 10:37:39

Fruit freeze dryer

Freezing fruits before freeze drying or freeze-drying fresh fruits directly?

As for freeze drying, the item must be frozen entirely with no water inside. All water in the fruits need to be frozen right into ice status prior to drying. Cold is needed which can aid to conserve the entire freeze-drying time, if frozen products packing is not a problem. Fresh might be likewise loaded into middle and small fruit freeze dryers without pre-freezing processing, yet the primary step after packing the fresh fruits right into the freeze-drying maker is also freezing the fruits into ice condition firstly. The benefit to lots fresh fruits is that the machine is extra practical in usage.

Fruit is a kind of food, so food freeze dryer is the most effective choice for fruits freeze drying. Some fruits are very large with thick peel, to freeze drying this type of fruits, slicing and also peeling off is the initial step or pre-processing treatment. The little items fruits with thin peels can be freeze dried straight without pre-processing excepting cleansing.

Fruit has abundant vitamins, as well as different fruits have different attractive shade. Fresh fruits might protect 3-5 days in space temperature level, and icy fruits shed its taste and also nutrition. By standard drying procedure, the dried fruits lost its form, shade, taste, and nutrition. The perfect way to preserve fruits, is by freeze drying technique. Freeze dryer is currently mostly made use of in drying all kinds of fruits.

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