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Fruit freeze dryer machine

Fruit Freeze Dry is very hot in the world currently. The freeze dried fruit is quite good, but the time for a batch of production is very long. In order to save time, Kemolo developed a 12 hours/batch Fruit Freeze Dryer for all kinds of fruits. The fruit will be pre-processed and pre-freeze in a cold room. After they were frozen, they are moved to fruit freeze dryer chamber for sublimation. The heat transfer is by high efficiency heating plates to shorten freeze drying production time to 12 hours per batch.
Fruit freeze dryer machine

Why freeze dry fruit?
Fruits contents 80% of water, and they are easily bad in room temperature. In order to prolong its storage time. Freeze drying is one of the advanced technology.

The advantage of freeze dry fruit
Many fruits like Apple, Banana will be oxidized soon in the air, but freeze drying is in a vacuum chamber, where there is no oxygen. The color of lyophilized fruits will not be grey or dark. And the most important point of freeze dry fruit is that there are abundant vitamin in fruits, by freeze drying technology, the vitamins retain maximum.

The procedure of freeze drying fruits
1, Fruit cleaning
2, Fruit peeling
3, Fruit slicing
4, Fruit pre-freezing
5, Fruit freeze drying
6, Freeze dried fruit packing

Specification of fruit freeze dryer

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Freeze dryer

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